How will I know when updated content is released?

You may subscribe to receive notification of updates to ARUP Consult; this free e-mail notification service allows users to receive an e-mail when new information about one or more topics or algorithms is available. Your e-mail address and name will only be used to deliver the requested information (refer to our privacy policy).

How else can I access ARUP Consult?

Your web-enabled mobile device may be able to access ARUP Consult online at http://m.arupconsult.com if your device supports HTML, cookies and JavaScript. Not all devices or services are validated or supported.

You can also download the ARUP Consult app from the App Store at no cost.

Is an iPhone or iPad application available?

Yes. Download the ARUP Consult app from the App Store to your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad at no cost. Please leave feedback in the app's customer ratings and reviews section. Your suggestions will help us to improve ARUP Consult.

What devices and browsers work well with ARUP Consult?

ARUP Consult is optimally viewed on Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Blackberry (OS 5+), Windows Mobile (OS 6.5+) or Android devices.

Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox best display ARUP Consult.

Is ARUP Consult available on CD or in print?

No. Currently, ARUP Consult is available for use via web and mobile device. You may create printer-friendly versions (PDFs) of topics from the web.

How can I get more information about a test listed in ARUP Consult?

Click on the test number to be directed to the Lab Test Directory entry about the individual test.

How do I fix the table view on a Windows Mobile 6 device?

If you are using Windows Mobile 6, multi-column tables might display in one column as the default. To change this setting, do the following:

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Select View
  3. If the radio button next to One Column is filled in, change to Fit to Screen
How do I narrow my search on the ARUP Consult website?

You may type your search phrase in quotes; for example, typing "immunoglobulin d" in the search box retrieves pages with the exact phrase. Or, if you search for a phrase or word without quotation marks, the auto complete functionality offers a list of potential matches from which you may choose.

How do I widen my search on the ARUP Consult website?

Try using fewer terms or terms that are broader in scope. Use the truncation symbol (*) to get plural and singular forms of your term or to obtain results with other variations of the term. For example, rather than immunoglobulin d, try immunoglobulin* to get more results.

How do I search for phrases with special characters?
  1. For dashes or hyphens, try using spaces (for bcl-2/JH, try bcr 2 JH), or use part of the phrase with the truncation symbol (bcr*)
  2. For Greek letters, try spelling out and using the truncation symbol (Alpha 2*)
  3. For phrases with multiple special characters, try using the truncation symbol on both sides (for beta-1,3-d-Glucan, try *glucan*)
What is HON code certification?

ARUP Consult is HONcode certified by the Health On the Net Foundation, a non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, that has become one of the most respected non-profit portals to medical information on the internet.

HON created the HONcode certification to assist patients and physicians in identifying websites that contain authoritative and legitimate medical information. ARUP Consult now joins other websites, including WebMD, WHO (World Health Organization), and PubMed, as a HONcode certified site.

Does ARUP Consult display advertisements on the site?

No; because ARUP Consult is an educational product provided free of charge, we do not accept advertisements from outside entities.