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Welcome to the redesigned ARUP Consult website. This version features many improvements, including an updated look, improved navigation, and responsive design that make the site easy to use regardless of the computing platform. A few important items of note:

  • ARUP Consult iPhone app
    • The ARUP Consult iPhone app is no longer available for download from the App store. Consult iPhone app users are encouraged to use the mobile site instead, as content on the app will no longer be updated.
    • For more information about our mobile site and directions for saving the site to your mobile device's desktop, please refer to our Redesign FAQs page.
  • Feedback on redesign
    • A Feedback button is available on every page. We encourage you to share your observations and thoughts on the redesign; your feedback is valued and will help us to better meet our readers' needs.
  • Updated URLs for all disease topics and algorithms
    • All disease topics and algorithms have updated URLs. Please be aware that if you have created direct links to algorithms or any other ARUP Consult content on your site, you have until March 11, 2016, to change any links so they direct your users to the new site. After that date, the old URLs to ARUP Consult content will no longer be available.  We encourage you to change any links as soon as possible because content on the old site will no longer be updated and links to the old site may not reflect the most up-to-date ARUP Consult content available.

ARUP Consult® is a laboratory test selection support tool with more than 2,000 lab tests categorized into disease-related topics. Topics include clinical background information, concise diagnostic advice, screening and monitoring recommendations, pharmacogenetics information, test ordering suggestions, and algorithms to support clinical decision-making. All information is congruent with national guidelines and includes direct links to relevant references. For more information on how we create and maintain our content, please see our editorial policy.

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